WHAT IS TAI CHI-  More and more people practice the art of Tai Chi  in parks,
gardens and indoors. Tai Chi is a sophisticated training combining self-defense,
meditation and energy-medicine. Regular training activates healing forces, strengthens
the immune defense acting as preventive medicine of sorts.

To us westerners it looks like a rather slow, exotic and graceful movement.  
Tai Chi is really a synthesis of martial art, healing and meditation.  Tai Chi is an art which
cultivates and promotes both physical, emotional and mental development. As it melts
together specified principles of body movement with knowledge about the energy structure
of the human body.

My teaching style and certification incorporates The World Tai Chi Associations
STAR or BEAM program specifically developed to introduce Tai Chi to everyday people.  
STAR (Seniors Transcending and Revitalizing) or BEAM (Breath Energy and Movement).  
Both incorporate modern and traditional techniques and movements.

Breathing exercises are incorporated with a series of graceful movements gentle enough
for everyday practice and so readily accessible it can be practiced either standing or
seated in a chair.

Tai chi has been studied and proven to not only stimulate neurons in the brain
but reconnect and/or develop new ones.  This is why Tai chi is being incorporated into
many therapies for sufferers of Alzhiemers, dementia, closed head injury, autism and many
other types of  neurological dysfunction.

The National Institute on Aging was one of the first in the US to study the affects of a
regular Tai Chi practice in participants over 55 finding a number of benefits! Improved
memory, focus and concentration in addition to increased circulation, stability & strength.

Studies in seniors over age 75 also showed a significant increase in stability and  
decrease in the number of falls (these were folks who began Tai Chi age 70 or older).  
There truly can not be enough said as to the benefits of this ancient and graceful
mind-body exercise!
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