Maureen Bosker of Yoga in the Woods is a beloved and     
                     renowned RYT Yoga teacher and Registered Nurse.           
                     Her background and broad spectrum of experience             
                    offers a wealth of knowledge to her students. Her                 
                    humorous, loving, down to earth personality makes her      
                    classes, retreats and trainings a complete joy to                   

Yoga in the Woods was established in 1997 by Maureen. It was one of
the premier Ashtanga Yoga Studios in Genesee County for many
years.  Many yogis gathered there from near and far for practice,
retreats, friendship, community and much laughter.  Yoga in the
Woods made the yoga experience beneficial for the mind, body and
soul and the studio itself will be cherished in memory and greatly

Although the studio closed its doors in December 2011, Maureen still
continues to operate Yoga in the Woods as a RYT training and Yoga
Retreat Center.  Yoga in the Woods is a Registered Proprietary
School through the State of Michigan and is also a Registered Yoga
School through the Yoga Alliance.

Maureens Website and Contact Info
Susan Alexander:
Workshop leader, Educator,
Curriculum and Ceremony
developer, Spiritual Mentor.

Susan has a strong love for the earth and the natural world
believing when we heal ourselves spiritualy we become more
in tune with the earth and the oneness of all life.  She enjoys
being a mother, organic gardening, camping, hiking, music
reading, researching and most of all laughter.
EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: BSNR with a focus on environmental and agricultural
education.  Reiki level II, Space Clearing Certification, leader of womans spiritual
book club for two years, home schooled her two children for eight years and is
currently enrolled in the Spiritual Mentoring Program at Atlantic University.

AFFILIATIONS: IAHP (International Association of Holistic Providers), ARE (Association
of Research and Enlightenment), Southwest Michigan Dowsers.   
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