MASSAGE THERAPY-  A variety of techniques and styles  
applied depending on needs, From deep tissue, sports,
swedish/therapeutic to muscle isolation,  and pain
management. Approach determined at the time of consult or
$65 ($75 deep tissue)
CHILDREN'S MASSAGE- An excellent modality for
growing muscles & bones.  Great for circulation,
relaxation and instilling good body maintenance
Parents are encouraged to stay for session and
learn techniques!
 (session last 35-40 min)                   
REFLEXOLOGY    Not just a foot rub! Is to the nervous
system what massage is to the muscles. Clears energy
blockages corresponding to specific body functions & vital
organs. System balancing &  Veeeery Relaxing!
AROMA HOT Oil SPA TREATMENT  A specialized custom blend of
essential oils heated & applied via droplets along specific meridian
points.  Application process is very soothing to the senses and dermal
contact points.  Oils are then massaged deep into the skin. (Evening
                                                                             (75 min) $105  
YOGA MASSAGE-  Assisted yoga postures & breath
work with massage & acupressure therapy. No oils or
creams are used, Yoga experience is not required!
Very affective in relief of joint pain, strengthens &
tones the muscular, circulatory & respiratory
systems.                                                            $70     

Maternity Massage- A safe,soothing and pampering
experience for the mommy to be.  Relieve water
retention, aches and pains often associated with
pregnancy.  Both therapeutic and relaxing!                  
Infant massage  An additional bonding experience for
you and baby.  Parent(s) will learn hands on, the
benefits and joy of incorporating infant massage into
your daily care of your new baby or infant. (usually a
1x class)                                                               $35  
HOT STONE MASSAGE Deeply relax and melt away stress
& tension with this oh so soothing form of massage. Hot
stones are strategically placed to warm  muscles and then
incorporated into the massaging process. (90 minutes)           
Chris Weber
Your Relaxation Station