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Chris Weber

Spirit Junction
Conceived 2002

Taking my first yoga class in  the summer of 1989 I instantly fell in
 Since then, my experience has lead me to several  
accreditations in the areas of Yoga, Tai Chi and Masala Dance
instruction, and over 10 years experience as a
Reflexologist , Massage and  (PRYT) Yoga Therapist.

Although my passion for
such began long ago,  continuing education
and personal study will always be a priority.  The process of
discovery and the gift of learning never ceases to  inspire me.  
Blessed with exceptional teachers and students alike
I consider
myself one lucky girl to be sharing and doing what I love!

In May of 2009 Spirit Junction became a studio (brick and mortar)
location in  Davisburg, Mi.  Two and a half years of learning and
sharing, meeting so many amazing people, a state of gratitude
words fall short to describe.  Although the decision was made to
close the studio in Oct. 2011, dissolv
ing the concepts and goals that
J was founded on simply was not an option.  So rather than being
in one location,  once again
I am on the move servicing  N. Oakland
county at several locations.

Classes and therapeutic arts  Including; descriptions, pricing, times,
locations and directions

Should you have any questions please call or email at 248-894949  

Chris Weber